ECI provides niche student health insurance plan market services through our company’s proprietary Waiver Audit Management Tool Waive-It, and our comprehensive Waiver/Enrollment Management System, Elev834.

The goals of the client are always kept in the forefront of how we approach the servicing of a Student Health Insurance Plan (aka “SHIP”). Our mottos are “we do what needs to be done” and “for every problem there is a solution” to accomplish the short-term and long-term goals of the client and we pride ourselves on the level of service and commitment provided by ECI employees to attain these goals.


ECI provides the following “Solutions” to meet your institution’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) needs:

  • Flexibility for the unique programming needs of various private and state colleges and university systems with ECI’s experience with multiple types of school systems (Banner, PeopleSoft, Medicat, etc.)
  • Alleviates the burden of a cumbersome administrative process for schools, so clients receive the benefits of the waiver process without having to allocate limited school resources for programming and administration at Health Centers and other Departments with multiple entities
  • Single point of contact through ECI to address questions and issues, including corrections, minimizing student frustration
  • Real-time Web Access of ECI’s Waive-It proprietary system for details of individual waiver audit results by school personnel reduces questions and issues during the entire audit process
  • One-stop Customer Service is staffed by members of ECI’s Department Team who have a solid foundation of knowledge of the waiver audit process, and insurance industry experience


ECI provides the following Solutions to meet your institution’s Student Health Insurance Plan needs:

Stand Alone
Waiver Audit

School hosts form and collects data for waiver audit through school system. School sends data to ECI for waiver audit services.

ECI Services Hosted
Form and
Waiver Audit

School-branded web portal. ECI provides hosted waiver form for student to waive SHIP.

ECI Services Hosted Form, Waiver Audit, and Student Communication

School-branded web portal. ECI provides hosted waiver form. ECI handles communicating results to the student.

Comprehensive Waiver/Enrollment Management Solution

School-branded web portal. ECI provides form for student to positively enroll and/or waive SHIP through either a closed or open system.